2018 #Goals

I've thought a lot about what I want for myself this year. I actually treat my birthday as my very own "New Year" but this seems like as good as time as any to share what I am working on.

As a mom of 2 and founder of a start-up, I rarely have time for myself. When my husband Patrick comes home from work at the end of the day, I tell him "I have literally not sat down ALL day, and I do mean literally." I do squeeze in a workout during their nap (thank you Tanya Becker and Physique 57), but aside from that, "me" time is scarce. It's not because I don't prioritize myself or I have a bad husband or kids etc. it's because that's the stage of life I'm in right now (by choice!) and it's very time consuming to run a startup and have a family and be successful at both. I am certainly not complaining because I love nothing more than being home with my babies and it gives me so much personal satisfaction to do the work I get to do for Bundles of Joy. 

That being said, this year I NEED to work on my patience. For my sake and my family's. I don't know if it's the 3 year old stage of life that is soooooo trying or what, but I have been feeling myself getting agitated more easily and I hate that feeling. So, I am going to attempt meditation and I'd love any advice or recommendations. In fact, one of the things that I am MOST excited about right now is our upcoming event with Studio Anya in NYC. The Founder, Courtney Bauer, asked me if we'd like to be part of their Good Karma Project, where they donate classes to benefit a local charity. I obviously JUMPED for JOY and happily agreed. They've generously donated 2 classes, aerial yoga and meditation on February 4. 2018. I honestly could not be more excited and also honored and humbled by this incredible gesture.

That's where I am right now so I will definitely update you on my meditation journey. Hopefully it will give me strength...because anyone going up against a 3 year old needs it #amiright?! 

If you'e in NYC please come out an join me on this adventure!!!