The Baby Products Every Mom Actually Needs

What products do I really need for my baby? It's a question every new mom has asked herself, whether she has too much to choose from or not nearly enough. The essential baby products for your little one depend on your child, of course, but between being a mom of 2 and stocking dozens of bundles every year for other moms and their babies, I definitely favor certain brands and products over others. Here's what I gravitate towards and why.

California Baby - They smell amazing, they're safe, and gentle. Need I say more? It's the trifecta of baby product. I personally use these on Sloane. The shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath are primo. Also, the bubble bath comes with a wand for blowing bubbles. It won't disappoint.

Mustela - I love how gentle Mustela is on skin. Wesley (10 months) is BEYOND sensitive. He thinks about fragrance and breaks out in a rash, I swear. I highly recommend this entire line. It's also safe and free of chemicals. I especially like packing newborns and babies with fragrance free items, so this is a great option. 

Cetaphil Restoraderm Eczema Calming Lotion - Wesley has had luck with this lotion. We put it on right after his bath to lock in moisture. It's really light and not at all sticky but does the job. I always trust Cetaphil, I even use it on my own skin. Love it.

Aquaphor Baby - I have yet to find a problem that Aquaphor can't solve. Chapped lips? Diaper rash? Dry patches? Rough feet? Get Aquaphor. I even dab some on Wesley's cheeks before we go outside for a walk. This stuff does it all.

Desitin Extra Strength - This is by far my favorite diaper rash cream and I prefer to use this in all our bundles. For us, it just works. I've tried the competition and it's the best.

Oral-B - I love the super soft Oral-B toothbrushes. Sloane goes nuts over brushing her teeth (see below). Today at school she told her teacher she is going to be a dentist AND a horseback rider. This 3 year old has serious career goals, right? I linked a toothbrush that is good for babies from 4-24 months. It's really important to always check the ages because their gums are so sensitive.

Tom's of Maine Training Toothpaste - We use this because Sloane hasn't mastered the art of spitting (toothpaste). She's really good at spitting at you, though. I get nervous with fluoride toothpaste because it shouldn't be ingested. I've caught Sloane on several occasions eating the toothpaste so thank goodness it was non-fluoride or we'd be in the ER getting her stomach pumped. I haven't tried it myself, but I guess I can safely say this stuff also tastes good. 

Water wipes - Wesley had bad diaper rash as an infant because of his wipes I used prior to switching (FOR LIFE) to water wipes. I even used the "sensitive" kind of a very popular brand but they were still too harsh for him. These are incredible and life-changing and probably my favorite product of all time. Since they're mostly water I always have them on me to clean faces and hands. 

Boogie Wipes - They're a little pricy for something you wipe your nose on BUT they work well and have saline in them. They clear out the nose much better than a regular tissue and relieve their sensitive skin. 

Try these on your own babies and while you're at it, send us one to bundle up for a baby in need. What are your family's favorites? We are always on the hunt.