Keeping Standards High

The very first question out of everyone's mouth is, "what do you accept?!" I encounter generous people every single day who are excited to donate items to Bundles of Joy - we are so lucky. Thank you! I always say that it is our donors who make this model possible and I am merely the middle person connecting those who have with those who need. It's true.

What sets us apart from other organizations that repurpose clothing is our (high) standards. We say, if it's good enough for your kids, it's probably good enough for the children we serve. That being said, we only repurpose new and "like-new" items free of stains, wear and tear, religious or familial insignia ("Best Big Sister" or "Daddy's Girl" isn't family-sensitive). We recycle all other clothing that does not make the grade because we only include the very best in our Bundles. 

That's because the people we serve deserve wear fresh clothes. Imagine excitedly opening a Bundle, only to find leggings with holes worn in the knees, sweaters with pills on them, onesies with formula stains, or worse? What kind of message is that?  It doesn't feel good as a parent to dress your babies in tattered clothing. We all believe our kids deserve the best. They do! Our purpose is to help parents feel confident, to help them feel proud, all while maintaining their dignity. If these Bundles don't bring JOY, then I want no part of it. 

I've been to several organizations that have the gaul to pack clothing in TRASH bags to give to kids. Imagine getting a trash bag of toys and clothes? Is that really supposed to make you feel valued? Trash bags are for TRASH.  

This is all to say, don't be afraid to send us your items even if they don't look brand new. We promise to never shame you or judge you. We discretely recycle items we cannot use and those that pass bring LOTS of joy to our families.