#KeepingFamiliesTogether Update (Part 2)

I owe you another update because a lot has happened since our initial drop off a few weeks back. So many of you have blown us away with your donations, volunteering, going above and beyond and we wouldn't be here without you. I feel like I can't say 'thank you' enough. I mean it.  

After we dropped off several car loads of items from all of you, Abbott House expressed that the biggest way we could help was not through any more material donations but through our expertise in managing a warehouse. So, of course, we rounded up our best volunteers from Bronxville and Scarsdale and sorted through mountains of items. They had everything! Clothes, shoes, food, hygiene items, toiletries, toys - they wanted for nothing. (I was actually jealous because I wanted Bundles of Joy to have a warehouse like that!) The only problem was, nobody could get to anything because it was pure chaos.

So, enter Bundles of Joy - we quickly fixed up the warehouse in just a couple of days but the biggest issue was clothing. If anyone watches my stories, you know I spend a significant amount of time sorting through clothes. It's a very unglamorous job. I'm usually in a full sweat, hair a mess, clothes a wreck, no makeup, sorting is not my finest hour. There isn't any way around it or shortcuts. It's tedious but necessary. We sort for quality and then we organize by a system we've created so items can be found easily. Anyway, let's just say Bundles of Joy knows a thing or two about sorting.

I was lucky enough to have volunteers who offered to help sort their many many rooms full of clothes. Jen, remember her from Scarsdale? She and her amazing posse of moms spent hours and hours carefully sorting through all the clothing donations. They still aren't even finished yet! 

This is a huge opportunity for anyone who is detail-oriented and interested in helping Bundles of Joy/ Abbott House. If clothing isn't sorted, it's useless. Nobody can find it, nobody knows it's there, kids won't get it. We'd love to have you if you're willing and you can email me adrienne@bundlesofjoyny.org to get involved. 

We love our partnership with Abbott House and hope to continue our relationship with them. We happily lend our expertise and services because this is what brings US joy. Our mission is to reach the most vulnerable, those who need joy the most and we've definitely done that through them.