Open Thank You Letter

Dearest Joymakers,

Giving Season was successful, beyond our wildest dreams, thanks to you. We served more children than we imagined we could, engaged with more volunteers than we knew we had, gained the support of more local businesses, and lightened the burden that so many families feel in our community. To say we are lucky to have such amazing supporters is a gross understatement. It’s our privilege to pass on the JOY you bring to others, thank you. It is perhaps the best “middle person” position, ever to connect those who have with those who need. Thank you to each and every one of you, whether you donated your time, funds, or purchased items directly for our babies. You’re Joymakers through and through.

So many of you rallied for Giving Tuesday and beyond and it means the world that you chose support our mission, our babies, our families, our people. With so many worthy causes out there, it is an honor to be your charity of choice. Boxes upon boxes were piled at our door for weeks because of those of you who shopped our amazon wishlist. The majority of those items are already in the hands of those who need them. Those who purchased Bundles or donated money allowed us to pack Bundles with all the essentials like, diapers, bath wash, diaper cream, and socks. You enabled us to fill the holes and meet all the needs when physical donations came up short. For those of you who sorted donations, arguably the worst job we have, THANK YOU. Can we do that again, please? You made it possible for us to bring our inventory to a Mount Vernon shelter and deliver warm weather clothing. Not to mention our amazing gift wrappers. What would we have done without you? We never would have been able to wrap all those gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. Thank you to all those who hosted collections for us, Sammy + Nat, Keller Williams, Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary! We received INCREDIBLE and mind-blowing stuff. Finally, a special thank you to those who “adopted” specific families to make their holiday wishes come true. We delivered to shelters and foster homes - arguably the most vulnerable families we know. Your gifts gave them joy and hope - two things they desperately needed. For families who have to choose between diapers and food, having gifts to open on Christmas morning was a dream come true. Thank you. We are proud to boast that every single order we got was filled before Christmas. We never had to say NO, thanks to you.

Our Joymakers inspire us to do this work. It is YOUR kindness and generosity that give us our positive outlook. No matter what is going on in the world, we see the very best in humanity. We see people who give to strangers because maybe they remember what it was like having a newborn and changing them 13 times a day, or perhaps they also have a fast-growing 3 year old and know what it’s like when they wake up and suddenly their clothes don’t fit. We have moms who take time away from their own families to deliver to babies in need. They know that an hour of their day can change someone’s life forever. We have Joymakers who think of us every time there’s a clothing sale and they stock up on essentials for us. We are beyond lucky because so many of you want to bring joy to those who need it most.

Thank you!