Finding Our New Home

This has to be the most exciting post I’ve ever written. As some of you know, I’ve been working out of my home office (aka garage) and gifted storage space since the beginning with the hope that we’d eventually move to a “real” space where the vision of BoJ would come to fruition. The dream was to always find a space where our volunteers could gather, drop off, sort, make Bundles and where social workers could “shop” for their clients. Up until now, all volunteer opportunities were off site at our pop-ups or storage facility but we never really had a space to call our own…until the Chair of our Board pushed me off the ledge.

We asked around for space to countless management companies, owners of commercial space, store owners, churches, public spaces, but had ZERO luck. It was to the point where I was having panic attacks at night worrying about where we’d move and how we’d operate. Affording rent around our donor base was out of the question. As of now, our dollars go to purchasing essentials and paying for the minimal overhead costs like, purchasing tote bags. However, our fairy godmother found us THE perfect space and made it happen, just like that. It all happened in a week and then we became proud renters of 52 Pondfield Rd. West in Bronxville.

Then came the really fun part - ripping up carpets, painting walls and finding a way to get infrastructure, like racks, bins, and more. I am so proud to share that 95% of what you see in our headquarters was gifted to us and was not an out of pocket expense. The other 5% was heavily discounted, enabling us to get comfort items like a coffee maker, beverage fridge and folding chairs. I can’t wait to share more and if you’re interested in the items we selected, I’ll link them in the next post.

Most importantly, we wanted to create a happy, sunny, bright and JOYful space where our Joymakers could spend their time and spread the joy. We hope you love it as much as we do and that you’ll visit soon.