A Few of Our Favorite Things

For anyone interested, this post is about how we decorated/ outfitted our headquarters.

To say we did this on a budget is an exaggeration. We have to be fiscally responsible with every dollar we spend, because it’s a dollar not being spent on a child in need. That being said, so much of whats in our space has been donated or very heavily discounted. We are so grateful for our community who made this happen. Thank you a million.

Wall Control: One of the most exciting things for me was ordering a peg board. Viviana will tell you that I was obsessing over this purchase because I wanted it to be a really functional and appealing station. Wall control very generously donated the pegboard and attachments. They’re so easy to install because they come in the exact size of your wall studs. You can configure them anyway you’d like and add shelves, compartments, hooks, whatever, to accommodate your needs. Everything is made in the USA and very sturdy - I could literally hang off our Wall Control. The company is amazing and if you’re in the market for pegboards, you can do NO better than these.

Art: I’ve always admired Lyndal Vermette’s work. She’s become a friend and supporter of BoJ. I asked if she’d lend me some pieces to adorn our walls but she went SO above and beyond, making us huge custom canvas paintings in BoJ colors. We are so incredibly lucky. These pieces are actually for sale and a portion of the profits will go to supporting BoJ - so if anyone would like to hang one of these beauties in your home, let me know. If you’re not already, give her a follow on IG - @inkpoporiginals

The pieces over the bookcase were donated to us by another mom in Bronxville who redecorated her daughter’s room. They’re actually from a well known British artist and they add so much pizzazz to our walls.

Racks: Our shelving was donated by Dinucci Corp and I can honestly say we couldn’t do business without them. They’re very sturdy and I left the measuring to my husband because I’m inept. We think they’re awesome and they fit our bins 3 across to the millimeter.

Labels: Our labels really elevated the whole vibe of our storefront. They gave it a really professional, clean, organized look with little effort. Maura Fitzgerald of Fitz Just Right NY (yes, that name is everything) helped us achieve the look we were going for with her professional design/ organization business. We are forever grateful to her and her team for getting us to where we imagined.

Furniture: As I mentioned, we hated to spend money on “us” when we could be using dollars for our babies so we had to be creative. I had a friend who works at Wayfair and gave us a sick discount and on top of that, donated half of the items to us. People have been so generous to us and I won’t ever forget the kindness they’ve shown me and Bundles of Joy.

Plants: We needed a little life in our space and our friends at Nature’s Cradle in Eastchester gave us 3 beauties to keep alive. I’m not going to lie, they add a certain level of stress because I’m not naturally good at keeping plant life alive. I can kill a succulent in a week…so I asked Viviana to watch me watch them. So far, they’re thriving.

Raddest Accessories: Deirdre is always thinking about us and ordered #Joymaker gear like a welcome mat, bath mat and the prettiest hand towels. She also purchased small bins from none other than the Container Store. Touches like these make it more than a work space.

Our volunteers and partner orgs LOVE coming to BoJ and that’s what we were after. It’s like no other space of it’s kind and that’s what I love most about it. There is no way you’d confuse us with Salvation Army or Goodwill. We want to pass on the good vibes and joy and thanks to so many, we’ve achieved that look.

I always say, please support those who support us. If you’re ever in the market for any of these items, I highly recommend that you reach out to our generous supporters. They are seriously top notch.