5 Best Ways to Prepare for Pregnancy and Protect Your Finances by Emily Graham

Pregnancy is a life-changing journey. That doesn’t mean that it has to be an expensive one, though. In fact, there are so many simple ways for new moms to prepare for pregnancy and plan for savings. So if you are expecting a little bundle of joy, use these tips to save more. 

Gender Reveals Don’t Need to Be Over The Top 

Gender reveals have become a major trend in recent years, but your reveal doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be special. Instead of splurging on an extravagant reveal, consider opting for a budget-friendly gender reveal that will give you a chance to express your creativity as well. As Kindred Bravely suggests, you can make your major announcement with snazzy statement tees, or stage a one-of-a-kind social media photo session. Speaking of photos, you will need someone to snap some pics in order to record this memorable celebration. You can ask a friend or family member to help you out, so provide them with a few photographer tips for better DIY photos. 

New Maternity Clothes Aren’t Always Necessary 

Many moms-to-be make the mistake of overspending on maternity clothes, but updating your wardrobe doesn’t need to wreck your budget. Before you start shopping for new clothes, try shopping your own closet for pieces that can still work during and after your pregnancy. You would be surprised at how well a flowy top or a stretchy dress can fit through every trimester. Plus, you can buy pregnancy accessories, like belly bands, to make your fave jeans and pants fit better. For maternity wardrobe additions, you can usually score like-new pieces and brand name baby gear for super low prices by buying used

Pregnancy Meals Don’t Need to Be Pricey to Be Healthy 

Proper nutrition is important for prenatal health and development. However, constantly eating whole, healthy foods can be tough when you’re also trying to balance a budget. One way you can save on healthy options like frozen produce and wholesome grains is to buy in bulk. Stocking your pantry with nutritious staples can also make things easier when your new baby arrives, so you can meal prep and cook healthier meals to support nursing and overall postpartum health. Many of the stores where you can purchase pantry items in bulk also offer great deals on fresh foods to stock your refrigerator with.

Nesting Shouldn’t Have to Cost a Fortune to Be Constructive 

New moms need to nest. Getting your home and nursery ready for the arrival of your new baby is an important step in the pregnancy journey. So don’t be surprised when you feel those organizing, cleaning and shopping urges come up. You will likely find yourself wanting to pick up some new nursery items, like a crib, sheets and other essentials, but be sure to look for retail promos and coupons before you actually make any purchases. Stores like Buy Buy Baby typically offer discount opportunities that can make for some serious savings on your nesting and baby purchases. While you’re looking for these promos, consider checking for deals on cleaning products, too, so that tidying up won’t make a mess of your budget. 

Friends and Family Can Help Out With Many New Baby Needs 

Your circle of friends and family can be a good opportunity to save on pregnancy needs. For one, you can reach out to women who have recently been pregnant for free or seriously discounted items. People are usually happy to part ways with old maternity clothes and baby gear they no longer need. In addition to taking advantage of hand-me-downs, expectant moms can also stock up on essentials by having a baby shower. Also, think about having guests bring diapers to the celebration, and be sure to register those packs for diaper reward programs

Prepping for your bundle of joy doesn’t have to put you over budget. By using the savings savvy tips above, you can keep your pregnancy prep costs low. Then you can put the savings towards the future and start with a solid financial standing in your new role as a new parent. 

Emily Graham


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