Our Partnership


How did we get so lucky?

Samantha, Founder of Sammy + Nat recalls that our mission just struck a chord with her. Helping babies (and moms) in need was something her late mother, a midwife in the Bronx, modeled for as long as she could remember. Partnering with Bundles of Joy was a way of honoring her memory while living out her own passion of creating a luxe baby and childrens clothing line.

For every pair of Sammy + Nat pima cotton pajamas sold, they generously donate a onesie to a Bundles of Joy baby. We aren’t just giving onesies, with each onesie given, we’re helping moms maintain their dignity. Dressing your baby in quality, clean and new items shouldn’t be a privilege and thanks to Sammy + Nat, it doesn’t have to be!

Go ahead…check them out, we know you want to!