About Us 

Bundles of Joy New York is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides essentials to babies, toddlers and new parents in critical need. 

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The Need

Located in the heart of Westchester County, we leverage our community partnerships to help those in low-income or homeless situations in our very own neighborhoods. With one of the most drastic poverty gaps in the nation, Westchester is perfectly situated to headquarter Bundles of Joy. As a place of extreme haves and have-nots, Westchester is the ideal location to engage communities that have with communities that need.

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The Mission

We give new parents and babies from birth to 3 years old the essentials they need to thrive. Becoming a new parent is hard enough, and we want all new parents to have the resources they need to feel prepared. We supply items free of charge through generous donations from our community constituents. By providing babies and their parents with the tools necessary to thrive, we are building confidence that lasts a lifetime.


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The Model

Bundles of Joy collects new and “nearly new” items through grassroots community drives and corporate donations. Donations are then sorted, bundled and delivered to disadvantaged children through our network of social service agencies, shelters, hospitals and school partners.