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Adrienne Harper

Founder / Executive Director

Adrienne has worked in public service since graduating from the London School of Economics in 2009 with a Masters in Public Administration. After LSE, Adrienne worked for the nation’s largest welfare to work programs in New York City, creating employment opportunities for the jobless. She then became Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commissioner of the Parks Department before moving to Boston while her husband attended the Sloan School of Management. While in Boston, Adrienne volunteered for an organization with a similar mission, providing essentials to children from birth through twelve years. At the time, she was pregnant with her first child and couldn’t believe what parents were asking for - baby soap, pajamas, washcloths, shoes - the essentials. She knew this was her calling. “Parenthood is hard enough, I can’t imagine doing it without the necessary resources.” As a resident of Westchester, Adrienne could not be more excited to deliver bundles to those in her community.



Kate Winick

Social Media Director

Kate is a social media expert and consultant, working primarily with women's media and lifestyle brands to help connect women with the products, brands, and causes that matter most to them. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College (with Adrienne), she moved to New York City, where she still lives and works. A native of Westchester County, she knows firsthand how incredible a childhood there can be, and wants to ensure that all residents have access to the resources they need.

Viviana Headshot.jpg

Viviana Dinucci, CPA

Head of Outreach and Drive Development

Viviana graduated from UCLA where she majored in Spanish Literature and Accounting. She has worked at Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Clorox Company, Plumtree Software, as well as a her family business in California.  She moved to New York 12 years ago and recently left her job at as Financial Controller at Avenues World Holdings, LLC (a new for profit school in Manhattan) to spend time with her daughter.  She is a new resident to Westchester. 

Viviana currently is working on providing small businesses and individuals with accounting services but is very passionate about being part of Bundles of Joy NY and helping Adrienne to bundle!


Laura Jorge

Graphic Designer

Laura is a graphic designer and art director who has designed for a wide array of global brands. She specializes in typography, visual identity, print design, web design, and illustration. She helps organizations build brands and craft digital experiences. 

Laura currently freelances and consults out of her studio in Boston.